Discover a whole network of interconnections that form part of the map of your uniqueness

"Human beings are programmed to continually hit the shores of our limitations and dissolve into something else."
- Richard Rudd -


Understanding the Human Design, we find our own inner power and new ways to have more control over our body and its chemistry.

Human Design System (HDS) describes the truth of our nature. It provides a calculation, which highlights specific codes from traditional knowledge as the hexagrams from the I Ching, the chakras and different paths that lead to the same place: to awakening.

With the knowledge of your codes, the language of life that are the cornerstones of your uniqueness. It also provides a Bodygraph – a structured image of who you are, which is displayed in codes in a comprehensible and interrelated manner. The environment has as much  power over you as you do over it.  

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The bodygraph ia a a blueprint of your unique capabilities in work, relations and prosperity. 

Key componentes of the bodygraph

9 centers

Each center represents a specific realm of experience: our feelings, thoughts, identity.

64 gates

The 64 gates correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching. Each gate number has a fixed location in the bodygraph.

7 chakras

The traditional Indian system of human energy.

Life’s purpose

Discovery of your life’s purpose with a personalized map that unlock different aspects of your uniqueness.

Default patterns

The bodygraph gives insights to your conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior and how to transcend your shadows.