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a space to transform your mind, body AND spirit through A HEALTHIER lifeSTYLE

” In order to be truly healthy, you must have both a healthy physical body and a calm and healthy mind. True good health is both external and internal”¬†

– Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming –

Mtm training & coaching

Integral Development

Enhance personal wellbeing with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual tools and practices for a healthier lifestyle.

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Personal Training | Coaching

Incorporate the unique knowledge of ancient wisdom and modern science for a well-balanced lifestyle, conscious movement, diet and positive mindset.


Did you know that our habits, experience, environment and lifestyle have a great influence in the activation of our genes?
By creating an appropriate balance and healthy habits, we can unleash our potential, creativity and unique individuality.

mTM Coaching programs

We have different programs available to provide knowledge, guidance and practice to connect with your potential and create sustainable goals.

MtMhealth programs combine a range of tools aimed towards integral development of individuals. Nutritional education, Heart Rate Variability(HRV), Kokoro yoga, body weight routines, conscious parenting, shadow work, (intermittent)fasting protocols, breath work and more.

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Testimonials of MtM health community

"Sometimes life ceases for a while until you meet the right person. Back to basics and from there start the work to meet your own unique self. How wonderful is that! Metamorfose, thanks for everything you have done and for the things to come". Erik S, The Netherlands
"My first experience with yoga at Metamorfose was pleasant. Team Metamorfose are experienced practitioners and teach in a kind way for beginners. The practice is a combination of intense and gentle movement. Just a great team!". Irene R, The Netherlands
"Within the spirit of Metamorfose work and lifestyle go hand in hand. This inspired me and was visible in the practice. Breath and movement were merged and integrated". Rick V, The Netherlands